Saturday, May 1, 2010

Welcome to the Southlands Project!

Back in the early '90s, I got the idea to create a fantasy setting. Over the years, it picked up momentum. And in the process, it took lessons in "weird" from countless sourcesJack Vance, Jo Clayton, Meredith Ann Pierce, Talislanta, and any number of cartoons and video games.

It's finally coalescing into this: the Southlands Project.


In the distant past, the native humans of the Tirin Peninsula and the fey nobles of Tahvaair constantly skirmished with each other. At times, this descended into outright war. Finally, after centuries of conflict, one side or another unleashed the ultimate weapon.

The weapon's nature is as lost to history as the identity of its makers; however, powerful magic would have to have gone into its creation. At the epicenter of its effect, a massive impact crater (known to this day as "the Scar") still remains, and reality itself has been altered in the vicinity.

In the current era, much of this exists only in the dusty tomes of scholars, or has been transformed from fact to myth. But old fears, and old hostilities, die hard.


Eventually, this will become a RPG campaign setting (I'm currently working it up for Pathfinder, but migrating it into other systems in the future would be absolutely incredible). As of now, I've got a basic idea of the geography, a pantheon, and some races. Expect teasers in the future.

This blog will ideally be updated on a regular basis; I'm going to shoot for bi-weekly. Feedback and suggestions are, of course, highly appreciated.

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