Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lands of the Tirin Peninsula

Dellumea is the name given to the lands of the antarctic continent, separated from Ta’Araen by a mountain range. It is generally cold and inhospitable, and inhabited by tribes of varying degrees of friendliness.

Kalretia is a large island off the northeastern coast of Velakhura. Approximately half of it is forested; most of the rest is brackish swamp or salt marsh. There are two different distinct cultures: “islanders” (based out of Natira, the capital city) and “swampers.”

Ta’Araen is nearly landlocked and mostly grassland. It is probably the most diverse nation of the Tirin Peninsula.

Tahvaair, to the far west, is the homeland of a race of tall, arrogant, magically-adept fey.

Velakhura was settled by the migratory Dellumean tribe whose name it bears. As its coastline is mountainous, flight is commonplace. The human population have a truce with the turéhu and are ruled by a singularly long-lived king.

The Scar is not so much a region as the fallout from the ancient war between the Tirin humans and the Tahvaaiy. From above, or from outside, it appears to be a roughly circular desert; however, the entire area is actually a huge dimensional gateway.


  1. This is interesting. Looking forward to a pantheon. I love pantheons.

  2. The pantheon is currently scheduled for some time in September. However, given enough motivation, I might just move it forward.