Saturday, September 18, 2010


The Tirin Peninsula is separated from the rest of the southern continent by a steep and treacherous mountain range.  Few safe passes exist through these mountains.

While the tundras and boreal forests that lie beyond may have any number of names among their inhabitants, most of the Tirin Peninsula knows the land only as Dellumea.  It's the home of tribal humans—some friendly and some much less so—wild beasts, and things largely unknown in the Tirin Peninsula.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pantheon of the Tirin Peninsula

Amareth, called Dame Justice, is the goddess of justice and righteousness.  Her symbol is the couatl, and her favored weapon is the bastard sword.

Arevashti, called the Ancient Mother, is the primal over-goddess, said by some to represent the world or even the universe.  Her symbol is the ouroboros (the serpent that devours its own tail), and her favored weapon is the quarterstaff.

The Dagger in the Night, whose true name name has been forgotten, is the god of murder and treachery.  His symbol is a dagger—his favored weapon—that drips with blood or venom.

Dejunath, called the Magelord, is the god of magic and invention.  His symbol is an ornate wand, and his favored weapon is the crossbow.

Eresh, called the Reaver, is a deity of random mass destruction.  Its symbol is a tearing claw, and its favored weapon the morningstar.

Ertrael, called the Plague, is the god of the less gentle side of nature.  His symbol is a wolf’s skull, and his favored weapon the scythe.

Juratei, called Lady Luck, is the goddess of good fortune, the wind, and the sea, and said to be the patron deity of the apsuri.  Her symbol is a scallop shell, and her favored weapon the trident.

Khernos, called the Stag Father, is the god of the wild and the hunt, said to be Ertrael's more pleasant twin.  His symbol is a leaping stag, and his favored weapon the spear.

Ki’Ahaara, called the Fierce Mother, is the goddess of protection, said to be the patron deity of the ki’vali.  Her symbol is a shield marked with a double-bladed axe, and her favored weapon the greataxe.

Ravana, called the Tyrant, is the god of domination and conquest.  His symbol is the crown, and his favored weapon the whip.

Skatha, called the Warqueen, is the goddess of luck in battle.  Her symbol is the falchion, which is also her favored weapon.

Sulaudhra, called the Lady of Dreams, is the goddess of sleep, dreams, and peaceful death.  Her symbol is a cat’s eye, and her favored weapon the unarmed strike.

Surya, called the Lord of Light, is the obligatory sun god and the consort of Sulaudhra.  His symbol is the sunburst, and his favored weapon the mace.

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