Saturday, August 13, 2011

Clerics of the Southlands

The faiths of the Tirin Peninsula are diverse, and the enmities and allegiances between them are many.

While divine spellcasters and spiritual leaders certainly exist within the Dellumean tribes, most are not clerics as such.

In Kalretia, faith is as divided as the culture. Amareth and Ki'ahaara command the most reverence among the civilized islanders. In the swamps, by contrast, worship—or at least lip service—is most commonly paid to Juratei.

The faiths in Ta'Araen are incredibly diverse. Some clerics pay homage to deities found nowhere else. It is unknown whether their magic is provided by the greater deities, or if they have actually tapped into divine sparks that have not yet been fully stoked.

Ravana dominates Tahvaair. While Dejunath has a small but loyal following, no other cult has been able to assert itself in the face of the Tyrant's.

The churches of Surya and Sulaudhra are the most common, or at least the most widely acknowledged, among the human population in Velakhura. The turéhu usually follow Khernos or Arevashti.

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