Saturday, November 6, 2010


Velakhura makes up most of the eastern coast of the Tirin Peninsula, sharing borders with both Ta'Araen and Tahvaair.  It takes its name from a human tribe that migrated north from Dellumea, from whence most of its human inhabitants are descended.

Much of Velakhura is forested or mountainous, making travel by foot or by the usual conveyances dangerous or impossible in some regions.  Crops and livestock tend to be those that thrive in the shade or on hillsides.  The native turéhu, with whom the humans have a truce, have the final say on logging and quarrying throughout most of the nation.

Velakhura's capital city, Martauthri, is also its main seaport.  Any rumors that the King of Velakhura—who was also among the nation's founders—has extended his lifespan by way of necromancy should be ignored as the basest slander.

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